Firebot: Add interactive variety to your channel!

  • @wyrdpleigh glad it's working for you now!

    And an update for everyone. New features are paused at the moment after the announcement of Interactive 2.0. Once that is released Firebot will be rewritten a bit to make the most of the new features.

  • Thanks Firebottle!

  • Is there an official place to request features? I would love to see a dynamic cool down option that changes the global cool down based on which button is pressed.

    For example, button 0 is a huge interaction that would trigger a 5min global cool down where as button 1 is a minor interaction that would only require a 30s global cool down.

    I need a dynamic cool down because my minor interactions can interrupt/mess up my major interactions, so the cool down groups don't work for me.

    If there's a better place to make requests, please let me know! Thanks!

  • Version 3.0.0 Beta released.

    This update is a massive change to Firebot to support Interactive 2 from the ground up. The UI is different, the way it handles effects are different, and I've incorporate community feedback anywhere possible.

    Note: This is a BETA release. It will have bugs.


    Feature Requests and Bug Reporting:



    • Brand New UI
    • Complete Rewrite: Tried to focus on speed to keep up with things like auto clickers.
    • Unlimited Effects: You can now add any button effects you want to buttons in any order. Yes, you can make a button that plays 50 different fart sounds at once.
    • Interactive Group Support: You can now show certain button layouts only to certain people.
    • Multiple Scene Support: You can now make multiple scenes that users can switch between.
    • OAuth Improvements: New OAuth process to make it easier to login.
    • New Effect: Cooldown: You can now make any button cool down any other button, or all buttons for global cooldowns.
    • New Effect: Change Group: You can make a button that switches scenes for a user.
    • Event Log: See who is pressing what so you know who the trolls are...
    • Auto Grouping: Firebot automatically groups your viewers into key groups like Moderators, Staff, Subs, Pro, etc.. So you can now make Subscriber specific button layouts!
    • Manual Triggers: You can now manually trigger buttons from Firebot. Not all effects work with this, for example... cooldowns will not fire.

  • Interesting app
    How can I edit the options you have created?
    Do I have to use another program?

  • Version 4.0.0 Beta released.

    This is a major overhaul of the UI and we've converted the app to Angular. This allows for easier development, faster load times, and improved performance.


    Feature Requests and Bug Reporting:


  • Where do I put the HTML in my OBS for the interactive image feature? I'm having a hard time doing that.

  • Used to use this, but switched to SI it was simpler and more direct. But still was great when it worked. Couldn't get gfx to work even when adding the html to OBS

  • @RagedlaW you use OBS browser source just like loading up an overlay from streamlabs or tippee. The html file is located in the overlay folder of the firebot folder.

    @TheSquishyOne Thanks for trying it out! For OBS you'd need to go to the settings area and set the overlay compatibility to OBS as it handles image paths differently than anything else. Anyway, Firebot can be a bit complicated as it offers a ton of customization options. But, we've got tutorials on the site for that sort of thing!

  • Just so everyone knows. I don't often check this forum. If you have any questions or need any type of support feel free to contact me directly on twitter @firebottletv and I'll help out.

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