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    As our community grows, we find it necessary to review the rules periodically and make changes and clarifications to our Rules of Conduct based on things we have learned, new content types, and frequently asked questions. When we set out to change rules, we first draw up a rough draft. That draft is passed between all departments, Engineering, Partnerships, Support, Enforcement and Engagement. After several more drafts and wording changes, we turn to our partners with our revised draft and solicit their input. Based on feedback from the partners, wording is changed, things are clarified more and a final draft is created. That final draft is then reviewed again by Support/Enforcement before being posted. This entire process takes 3-6 weeks as we revise, and ensure that we have carefully thought through the changes we are making.

    Our goal with rules is to empower a diverse and evolving community to be themselves, share their passions, and do so in a way that has some restraints while providing a safe environment for self-expression.

    Tonight we are posting new updates to the community Rules of Conduct. These rules will not be in effect until tomorrow after the Level Up! cast. These rules are in effect and being actively enforced. James and Kieffer and I will be available to answer questions pertaining to the new updates tomorrow on the Level Up! cast. You can start asking questions here: and we will also take questions in chat tomorrow.

    There are only 2 new additions (1 is a replacement for a removed rule), and several clarifications.

    New Additions:

    • Channel Description Rating: Channel descriptions should be kept clean and appropriate for a general audience. Descriptions referencing or alluding to sex will be removed by staff for violating our guidelines on sexually explicit content.

    What does this mean? Keep it clean. Channel descriptions do not have ratings when you are offline and should be safe for everyone

    The second change removes the old "Non-Interactive" rule and replaces it with the following:

    • Non-Original Content: Content streamed on Beam should be original and be your creation, it should not be a rebroadcast of someone else's creation, except as provided by “hosting” channels that are currently live. It should also fit in one of the “Game You’re Streaming” categories under “Manage Channel”. If you have a type of stream you would like to do that does not seem to have a category, contact support at and submit a new category for community voting on uservoice.
      -- No streaming sporting events, movies, TV shows, or paint drying.

    This means, no rebroadcasting anything. Content needs to be something you are actively creating, and should fit one of our categories.


    The first clarification is an expansion of our guidelines on hate speech and bullying. We welcome everyone at Beam, provided they follow the rules. Making people feel unwelcome by attacking them is not something we will tolerate. This does not refer to games such as CAH. However CAH does require an 18+ rating.

    • Bullying and Hate Speech - Hate speech is not tolerated on Beam, under any circumstances. Any derogatory or insulting comment that is directed at a specific group of people may be considered hate speech. Any comment perceived by staff to be derogatory or insulting to people based on discrimination including but not limited to race, age, sexuality, physical characteristics (such as weight or glasses), gender identity, disability, religion and/or nationality will be considered hate speech.

    The next set of clarifications are all to the "Sexual Content" rule section. This has been renamed to "Mature Content and Nudity". This should help clarify our expectations of channel ratings and what is not allowed at all under any rating.

    • Clothing - Clothing is NOT optional. No topless streaming, that goes for males too. If staff members can't tell if you are wearing clothes from your camera angle, you will be asked to put a top on or turn off the camera. If you choose to stream in clothing that is revealing, you must be at least 18 and you must set your stream to 18+. Underwear is never allowed to be worn as clothing. Staff reserves the right to suspend any stream for clothing that is too revealing or otherwise deemed inappropriate for Beam audiences.

    If you are not 18 or older, don't wear revealing clothes at all. If you are over 18, we prefer to allow our streamers to wear what they want within reason. If its revealing it must be set to 18+. If staff comes in and tells you your channel needs to be 18+ based on clothing, you will need to change the rating or you will be suspended. Beyond that, staff will review clothing complaints on a case by case basis. Keep in mind that just because you personally don't like what someone wears, does not mean staff will see a need to censor it. Everyone is free to watch what they want and can leave a channel if they don't like the content or streamer.

    • Sexual Content (Broadcaster) - Sex acts are not allowed on Beam, simulated or real, some sex as part of a game storyline is allowed as long as it is not the main focus of the game.

    This is fairly simple, no sex except as something incidental to the story line of a game.

    • Mature Content and Nudity (Game Content) - If a game is rated “Mature” or “Adult” by the ESRB, or if the game has been modified to add nudity, sex, gore, and/or violence a channel streaming it must mark themselves as 18+.

    Yes, "Mature" in the ESRB = 17+ in the US. In most of EU it means 18+. Regardless, of the 17+ rating in the US, "Teen" is for 13-17 y/o. A game rated for people 17+ is not intended to be played or viewed by people between 13-16, which is the majority of the Teen group, therefore "Mature" games are bumped up to the next highest rating "18+".

    • Disallowed Games - Games where the primary focus of the game is sex or nudity, are not allowed to be streamed on Beam.

    There are sites for this, this is not one of them. If the game is about nothing but sex/nudity, its not allowed. These are the only games we do not allow on Beam and they will be judged on a case by case basis.

    • Sexual Content and Nudity (Non-Game Stream Content) - Artists and programmers may have a seemingly valid reason for creating adult nude models/art on screen, however, this will become an issue if significant portions of the stream are spent with excessive nudity. If an artist wishes to work on adult nude art their channel must be set to 18+, furthermore, if a significant portion of the stream is devoted to adult genitalia, the stream will be suspended.

    We have been listening to the artists, and their questions and have chosen to clarify at what point "art" has gone too far.

    -- There is NO valid reason to create sexualized or nude content using models or characters that appear to be under 18. Such content will result in an immediate permanent ban. We will report all violations of this rule to appropriate law enforcement.

    DO NOT DO THIS. EVER!!! It should not need an explanation of any sort. Just don't do it.

    -- Streaming videos or images of a pornographic nature may result in the suspension of your account.

    No, really, don't stream porn. It also probably violates our original content rule.

    • Age restricted items - No advertisements of tobacco products or other age restricted items are allowed on Beam. Streamers using age restricted products in any form on stream must set their rating to 18+, this includes but is not limited to; cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vaping (even without nicotine), chewing tobacco, and alcohol

    Streamers are looked up to by many young people, if you are using substances they should not have, mark your stream 18+.

    The full Rules of Conduct can be found here , this is a changelog.

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