Beam Core (Web + Mobile) Changelog - Month of April + 1st week of March

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    We've been hard at work behind the scenes at Beam fixing bugs, preparing for some crazy cool upcoming events ;) and rolling out several improvements to the site. In the interest of transparency, here's what's new!

    FTL Transcodes Beta and more!

    • Now, all viewers will be able to watch in a variety of qualities using FTL on partnered channels!
    • This is an initial beta rollout, we're collecting feedback, and will continue to expand it to more channels soon!
    • Since initial rollout, we've improved transcode switching such that you can now change quality options without disruption to playback (pausing).
    • Users that have updated to the Creators update on Win 10 can now watch FTL streams in Edge without setting any special flags

    New Mobile Web Site

    • New Mobile web site rolled out that feels like an app, with chat interactive, and all the other channel features you'd expect from beam.
    • You can chat and use interactive controls overlaid over the video in landscape (horizontal mode) too! It's pretty great.

    Channel Offline Images

    • Streamers can now upload a custom background to be shown at the top of their channel page when offline

    Microsoft Login Improvements

    • Clicking "MSA" login instead of register directly will now correctly create a Beam profile if you don't already have one.
    • Added some help text to user/password login to instruct the user to use MSFT login if they originally signed up with it

    Beam Mobile Apps

    • Rolled out two updates for both iOS and Android that significantly improve stability and bring some minor quality of life tweaks!
    • More to come. ;)

    Assorted Improvements

    • Updated DMCA information page and ToS to be more clear with some guidance from our mostly friendly lawyers
    • Seeking around in VODs will now updated the timestamp you're hovering over in realtime, making it easier to find important moments
    • Made the contact form a bit wider so it's easier to type long messages and changed the placeholder text from "message" to "Your letter to us..."
    • Minor style improvements to the channel description editor
    • Added the notification bell to popout chat, so it's easier to access when streaming
    • Streamlined hub navigation and improved the way it renders on mobile web (it's still not perfect, but we're close)

    New Social Links!

    • You can now add things like your Soundcloud, Steam, and even your Patreon links to your Beam channel!
    • We're always taking feedback for new social links at :wink:
    • Brought back verified Twitter links! If you link your Twitter account to Beam, your Twitter social link will have a beautiful halo around it on the channel page!

    All things Interactive 2!
    Last Wednesday, Interactive 2 was rolled out to the world. Full details in the blog post at
    Since then, we've rolled out a number of fixes and improvements:

    • Launching an interactive 2 game now gives you a chance to read its instructions before launching immediately
    • Improvements to Studio loading when on slow network connections
    • Added scrolling to the list of controls
    • Enabled interactive 2 on mobile web

    Improved Notification Preferences

    • Our notification service for emails is still having trouble, but we rolled out some improvements to the rest of the stack
    • Notifications will now send significantly faster. Previously, notifications could be delayed by 30 minutes or more depending on where you were in the queue
    • Added the ability to set defaults states (enabled/disabled) different types of notifications (like email, mobile, Xbox, etc...)
    • Fixed an issue that wouldn't let you tweak notification Xbox notification settings from the Notification management page

    Bug Fixes

    • Help/accessibility tooltips no longer get stuck open when hovering over items quickly
    • Fixed partner emote manager not saving correctly in some cases
    • Moderators deleting a message they were tagged in will no longer cause an alert sound to play
    • Users can no longer direct link to "sub button dialogs" for non-partnered channels
    • We will not longer show a prompt to "switch to a lower quality" if none is available
    • Fixed the current time scrub indicator in VODs being slightly misaligned
    • Textareas (large text boxes) are no longer misaligned when presented next to smaller text inputs (like on the contact page)
    • Notification bell is no longer presence on OAuth authorization pages (that was... confusing)
    • Subscribe button in hosting bar should now properly show the hostee's sub dialog when clicked, rather than the hoster.
    • On Firefox and Internet Explorer, the game search input on the browse page no longer overlaps with the games
    • Fixed sub anniversary sharing... you could say it was pretty inconsistent.
    • Removed some inputs from the description editor that were non functional and confusing
    • Attempting to delete your account would give an error (... yeah)
    • Fixed the "Report playback issue" button on the player not looking like it submitted correctly
    • Fixed message purges not sticking through a refresh
    • Sliding the volume to zero would persist the mute state but clicking on the mute toggle itself to mute the player won't persist through a refresh

    A few bugs that came and went (regressions)

    • Emote dialog button was left-aligned, covering up chat for a period of time after a deploy
    • Enforcement was unable to suspend/ban users for a small period of time (1-2 hours after a deploy)
    • Users were unable to remove 2FA for a small time 1-2 hours after a deploy
    • For fresh users to the site, the mature overlay couldn't be accepted
    • Follow button was often broken on Internet Explorer
    • For a brief period clicking another hub tab when already on the account page would cause other hub tabs to be blank

    Beam Version Selection - Now Back!

    • Re-added the ability to choose your frontend version in Beam 2 from the account page! (Pro & Partnered users get to help us iron out kinks in new versions of Beam before they're publicly available)
    • On a bitter sweet note, we have removed the Legacy toggle from the dropdown. (see our forum thread for more detail)

    A few top of mind known issues:

    • FTL playback freezes and occasionally has trouble loading in Chrome 58 and the latest version of Firefox(!)
    • When watching an FTL quality option, video can occasionally be slightly desynced from the audio

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