Can't figure out how to allow my son/child to beam Minecraft!

  • Hi all -

    I am trying to figure out a way to have my son beam/broadcast his Minecraft games. I have seen that this can be done, but I can't figure it out. We have the settings in privacy set properly.

    If I log in at the same time he does, then when I try to start a broadcast, we get the error 'everyone who's signed i must allow it i privacy settings", but everyone is signed in and has the privacy setting ''broadcast gameplay' set to 'Allow'.

    If he's logged in by himself, then he gets an error saying that a child account can't broadcast.

    Any help on this would be much much appreciated!!

  • Your kid is too young to even stream. They have to be 13 or older to stream. In order for them to stream they have to stream with YOU on your account since you already setup the account with their legit DOB! Having them sign up with a fake DOB is against the TOS and in some areas against the law!

    Some people may go "well i am 10 and i stream on mixer." Well congratulations you just confessed you broke TOS and probally will get banned soon. Creating a new account after the ban is against the TOS so if i were you I keep your mouth shut!

    As far as I know email mixer either with their special form or by actual email at

    @staff and @admins do not read the forums and don't think of it as a way of customer support. This is meant for the community to discuss things while this subject is ok to discuss i prefer you get a more official response from mixer by doing what i mentioned above.

  • @shufunk I didn't read anything that mentioned his age, so unless he deleted I dont know what your talking about shufunk. In all honesty you know how much little kids under the age of 10 stream games. But i do understand what your trying to say but your coming off a bit rude.

    @PaxALotl What i would have him do if he was my son and wanted to stream as bad, id have him stream on my account or make a another one. But just my two cents mixer streaming isnt for kids and unless your just trying to stream to friends your son probably wont get any views. Good Luck and hope your son enjoys streaming as much as i do.

  • @AquaGod so your advice is to break TOS (assuming his kid is under 13)? If he is under 13 and really wants to stream on Mixer best choice is to contact staff and talk about it as there seems to be few expection.

  • @NightFan I'm just saying to you personally you don't have to be mean to someone that was only trying to ask for help. Never said it was to break TOS rules and plus your assuming hes under 13 could be older so you cant speak on this matter because you don't know his exact age. Plus that i've seen countless kids just stream for fun on mixer not saying you should but it happens mostly kids are on this app anyway just trying to watch streams or stream

  • @AquaGod
    "beam/broadcast his Minecraft games. " also most of those kids streams probably got banned later on

    also would a childs account effect it? because you need a Microsoft account to log into mixer as well

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