Intel HD graphics card, reccommend lightweight gaming record software for mixer?

  • I have an Intel HD graphics card, which is to some, a definition of a weak gaming computer. I'm just going to stream Minecraft for the entertainment of my peerage, but I worry Xplit Gamecaster is too much for my PC. I want something that will not take up a lot of my CPU and lower framrate. Can anyone recommend a lightweight free, or free-trial Mixer compatible recording system? I don't know where I would look for one aside from browsing through 2014 articles and downloading them all.

  • You mention your video card, which is enough for Minecraft. The issue would be your CPU, since the CPU would handle the encoding. What type of CPU do you have?

    If you aren't sure, you can do the following if you're on a PC.

    Windows: Goto run and type "dxdiag". It will tell you the processor type and other stuff.

    As for a free Mixer compatible app, OBS ( is just as good and it's free.

  • @Shadowhaxor is definitely right in suggesting OBS. It is the most common, free, streaming and recording software in use. It takes a bit of setup but isn't bad. That being said, OBS is somewhat CPU intensive, but I am not sure that you are going to find a streaming software that is not. Since OBS is free, I would suggest trying it out and just seeing what happens. If you have any questions on setup feel free to post here. I would be happy to help and I am sure Shadowhaxor would as well. There are also some great tutorials on youtube. Good luck with streaming and have a great day!

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